Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New exclusive Ultimate BJD Ashleigh from Two Daydreamers

Ultimate Glamour BJD Ashleigh is a new ball-jointed beauty available now for pre-order exclusive through Two Daydreamers. Her retail is $600, and she is only being produced in an ultra-limited edition of 75 pieces. If you pre-order her through March 20, you can save $30.
She will be wearing a glamourous wrap dress in pale blue with a beaded collar, and includes two wigs--one in mink and one in platinum. Instead of changeable glass eyes, this doll has painted forwarded glancing eyes and applied eyelashes. Her gorgeous face-up is really heavily made-up, almost Sybarite style (I love it). Her shoes are also included and are blue leather with a clear heel. And she also includes a beaded bracelet.

I have to confess, the original BJD ashleigh didn't appeal to me. But this lovely lady--oh wow. I just love her. If not for her price tag (and all those Antoinette™ dolls I have on order), she is indeed tempting!
Photo courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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  1. She looks like a Barbie in a really nice disguise... Indeed well maid ^^


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