Monday, March 15, 2010

DollZone baby BJD

DollZone baby, originally uploaded by alington.
So... she's not over 12", but she belongs (officially now) to my SoulKid Amy. This is my newborn baby DollZone girl, who was a free gift with purchase of Melin last year. She came completely blank, and I believe she is now finished.

I'm pleased with how she turned out. I've blushed her body, and added some highlights to her face. I finally used some Liquitex gloss to her lips, eyes and cheek to make some tears. I think it's very cute, even though (as I now recall) it's a few days before your newborns actually make tears of their own.

My friend Jen made a little diaper for her, so she doesn't have to be naked anymore. I need to find her a little onesie, too. Cute little baby!

You can see some more photos, including my progress photos, on my Flickr photostream. (And don't be a chicken like me when it comes to adding pastels to your blank dolls. Once you get going, it's really fun.)

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