Saturday, March 20, 2010

Evangeline Ghastly

Evangeline, originally uploaded by alington.
At the doll meet, I encountered my first vinyl BJD by Wilde Imagination, Evangeline Ghastly, with rooted raven hair. Her acrylic eyes aren't changeable. But she is still quite a gorgeous doll. And her outfits were meticulously done.

Her hands a bit larger than some dolls, but she has lovely sculpted fingers. I find her wonderful and spooky.


  1. I have this Evangeline and I absolutely adore her... her face is so much more beautiful in person than it is in the catalog! I must say, she doesn't pose very well, but she is so pretty that I don't mind. :) (Perhaps the resin version poses better?)

  2. Congratulations! SHe is truly lovely. I was hesitant to like her, as her hair is rooted, and you can't change her eyes, but her eyes are so pretty--just the way they are, I just couldn't help myself! :)

    I think I may have to have one in my collection some day, too. :)

  3. how much is this beauty

  4. how much is this doll

  5. This doll is beautiful....I have th eoutfit but not that particular doll. I own the other version(the platinum hair that is changeable with other wigs) and I also own the "Waiting for Mortimer" doll which is stunning. I may have to get this doll now so that she can wear this outfit as you have her doing. She is gorgeous and spooky and sweet all at the same time!

  6. I think Eternal Evangeline, the first rooted vinyl doll, was $135. The second has more intricately styled wigs, and she is $140, which is still pretty good for a BJD.

    Did you see that through August 20, 2010, you can use the code SUMMER at checkout when you order at least $75 or more and get free shipping? Or SUMMERINT, if you're an international customer, and that will save $9.95 off shipping costs.


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