Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New promo images released by Tonner Doll

Tonner has released the promotional photos for several dolls from the 2010 line. Check out the website for the full details, and visit your favorite Tonner dealer to pre-order these dolls.

From Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland line:

  • Iracebeth, The Red Queen $199.99, LE 1000. She's 16" with a pale skin tone and blue eyes, and an extra large head. She wears the Queen's gold and red gown with a flocked bodice, sparkling stomacher with contrast stitching, and high collar, lamé sleeves with ruched overlay and ribbon trim. The skirt is made of red brocade with gold heart embroidery. She also includes a petticoat, gold boots and jeweled crown.
  • Mirana, the White Queen $189.99, LE 1000. She's a platinum-haired doll with a unique pale skin tone as well. She's wearing her shimmering white and silver snowflake trimmed gown trimmed with mesh and ribbon, complete with an apron tied with a chiffon bow in the back. She's wearing a rhinestone necklace trimmed with net ruffles, and is white faux leather boots.
From the Lord of the Rings collection:

  • Strider, Ranger of the North $149.99, LE 1500. He stands 17" tall with blue eyes and brunette hair, complete with a costume replicated from the film. He's wearing a cotton shirt. faux leather jerkin, trousers, belt, boots, glove, and detailed leather coat. He also includes a sword.
  • Arwen Evenstar $144.99, LE 1500. She's 16" tall, with blue eyes and flowing brunette hair. She's dressed in a pale blue crushed velvet gown with lace sleeves and metallic sleeve drapes. She is also wearing faux suede boots.
Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

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