Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Yeru the Soul sculpt at Peak's Woods

I was thrilled to hear that Peak's Woods is offering a new sculpt - a half-closed eye Yeru called Yeru the Soul, available to order now, in the Fairies of Color size (58cm or about SD size). She's available in normal or white skin, with a large or regular bust. Additionally, the regular Yeru face is still available with her full open eyes.

Plus, now all Fairies of Color will include an extra pair of hands (which will have completely separated fingers for easy ring wearing and better posing). No price increase.

Oh, as if I needed another sculpt to tempt me into getting another Peak's Woods doll! She's lovely!


  1. She is lovely. And so very sad looking. Or is that just me? I mean, not that "I'm", sad. Just that, I could look at her for hours.

  2. She is! She's got that tragic look in her face that makes me want to take her hoe. She'd totally fit in here! ;)

  3. I think with different eyebrows she would look less sad. PW's sleepy sculpts are always so tempting!!!

  4. Yes--but I tend to go for the sad, grumpy, haughty or crabby dolls. People are often taken aback when they see all my dolls together. ;)


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