Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big and Small - more fashion inspiration

Witches Who Lunch outfit only from Wizard of Oz collection of 2007
Another wonderful way to enlighten and brighten your collection is to collect similarly styled or colored outfits in different scales. It's a wonderful way to use color in your collection or bring different types of dolls together--especially in this example.

Above, it's the Witches Who Lunch outfit, made from a gorgeous embroidered fabric with high color and contrast, long bell sleeves, a circle skirt and simple beaded belt. Her over-the-top coiled hat gives the outfit both a couture and an Oz feel.
Verdigris outfit only, American Model collection from 2007
Here, we have Verdigris, a green satin jacket with pink facing, a ruffled high color and bell sleeves, gathered lace over tulle skirt, and large sash belt. This look feels more elegant, and nearly Rococo inspired.

Displaying the two outfits together--Witches who lunch in 16" and Verdigris in 22"--would emphasize the similar silhouettes and bring two styles--Oz and fashion model--together in a way you might not have previously imagined.

All photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

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