Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Tonner items released!

Madame Bovary American Model, $399.99 LE100

Tonner Doll's last release of 2011 has been announced, and there are quite a few gorgeous new dolls. Visit your favorite Tonner dealer today to place your order.

I'll go through the list alphabetically.

Above, two new dressed dolls have been added to the American Model collection, Madame Bovary ($399.99) and Platinum Luxury ($349.99). Madame Bovary's shipping date has yet to be announced, but Platinum Luxury (who reminds me of Sydney Candescence) is shipping now. Both are limited to 100 pieces, and have inset acrylic eyes. Madame is rooted, Luxury is wigged. Wow!

The latest addition to Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland collection is Mallymkun the Doormouse, a dressed Tonner Character Figure, made from resin. He's limited to 250 pieces, and retails for $69.99. Ship date is to be announced.

Two wonderful new dressed Antoinette dolls have been released. First, dressed in yellow (she says hello) is Allure. She's limited to 300 and retails for $169.99. She has light brown rooted hair, Tyler's skin tone, green painted eyes, and a gorgeous gold dress, which appears to me to be inspired by the 1920s. She includes a black feathered hair piece, gold and black jewelry, black shoes, gloves, and black hose.

Second, is Simplicity. This gorgeous red-haired, grey-eyed Antoinette is dressed in a lovely navy outfit, including pants, jacket and halter top, and includes boots and a silver necklace. She's limited to 300 and retails for $179.99. Both dolls shipping dates are to be announced.

Several new exciting items have been added to the Cami & Jon collection. Two new wigged Basic dolls (Cami and Jon) will ship on December 21. They both have inset acrylic eyes (Cami's are green, and Jon's are brown), and both include two wigs (Cami: blonde and black, Jon: brown and red). Both dolls are limited to 500 and retail for $109.99.

Next, three new outfits for Andy Mills (and Matt and Russell) have been announced. Central Park, Washington Square, and Chelsea Look retail for $89.99 and are limited to 300 each. Chelsea look will ship December 21, and the others will be determined.

The most exciting additions to the line are two new Theatre de la Mode dressed dolls. Both dolls use the TDLM sculpt on the Antoinette body. Midnight #83 has blonde rooted hair in a braided up-do with blue eyes in a cameo skin tone. She is wearing a black velvet and chiffon dress with crystal buttons, black feathered headband, crystal earrings and black shoes. She retails for $199.99 and will ship December 21.

My favorite of the two is Royale #2, with grey eyes and fancy auburn updo of curls. She's dressed in a pleated purple gown with a petticoat, gold and rhinestone jewelry, black gloves, hose, and black shoes. Her shipping date is to be announced, and she retails for $224.99. Both dolls are limited to 100.

Available for shipping now, this lovely 16" Scarlett O'Hara doll, Christmas 1863, retails for $249.99 and is a limited edition of 300. She includes a green printed gown with embroidered collar and cuffs, antique cameo brooch, petticoat, gold earrings, green shoes and a green and red hair decoration.

Lots of excitement from the Gowns by Anne Harper collection. Two new outfits are available for preorder. Anna Karenina (sized for 16" dolls) includes the wig shown, black dress with silk flower trim, rhinestone jewelry, black shoes and white gloves. It's limited to 150 pieces for $149.99. It's gorgeous!

Additionally, there is another outfit, Matinee Luncheon, a pink suit with black "fur" cuffs, including a pearl necklace and black feathered hat and black shoes, which has photos yet to come. This outfit is limited to 300 and retails for $99.99. Both outfits have delivery dates to be decided.

Tow gorgeous new basic wigged dolls are also available. Ready to Dress Carol Barrie retails at $119.99. She's limited to 500, and includes a black swimsuit with a white collar. She's in the cameo skin tone with painted blue eyes, and includes red and platinum wigs.

Ready to Dress Diane Evans is also limited to 500 dolls, and includes the same swimsuit as Carol. She has brown painted eyes and uses the Friday Foster head sculpt. She has the spice skin tone. She includes brown and black wigs. She also retails for $119.99. Both dolls have delivery dates to be announced.

Delightfully, three new outfits are available for the 13" Revlon dolls. Silver Shimmer retails for $79.99 includes a black and silver dress, sparkling tights, beaded earrings and matching shoes.

Midas Touch retails for $84.99. It's a gold sequined dress with gold shoes and rhinestone bracelet. Photos are still coming.

Velvet Dazzle retails for $79.99. This outfit includes a velvet strapless dress, matching black gloves and sash with a rhinestone buckle, red lamé coat, rhinestone necklace, and black pumps. All three of these outfits are limited to 500 each, and have shipping dates to be decided.

Evening in Paris Vintage Revlon has also been announced with a shipping date to be decided. She is limited to 500 with a retail price of $139.99. She includes a solo-in-the-spotlight style black sparkling gown with white stole, black gloves, tights, crystal jewelry, and black molded shoes.

Dazzling Tyler Wentworth is a gorgeous dressed doll with wigged platinum hair, green painted eyes, and a purple sequined metallic dress. She also includes matching fingerless gloves, a crystal necklace, and silver shoes. I love her facial screening! She's limited to 300, retails for $224.99 and her shipping date is to be decided.

Additionally, several other products have been added to the line:

Betsy McCall Prints, Prints, Prints gift set, LE500 $149.99, includes wigged 8" Betsy and two wigs, three outfits.

To the Harry Potter collection:

19" Viktor Krum, LE300, Photos still coming, $249.99
12" Draco Malfoy, LE300, $124.99
7" Small Dobby, LE500, $99.99
12" Slytherin House Robe, open edition, $29.99
17" Deathly Hallows Harry Potter, LE350, $170 (in stock)
16" Deathly Hallow Hermione Granger, LE350 $170


  1. I like a lot of the new releases but am surprised that Madame Bovary is tempting me! If only the rest of her dress was shown.


  2. The sound you now hear is my bank account sobbing uncontrollably.

  3. Ariss, they will often post additional full-shot photos later. (I love both the AM girls!)

    Blue, that is indeed a familiar sound. ;)

  4. Alison, I'll wait a bit before deciding then. Plus IDEX is coming soon too.

    Miladyblue, your bank account isn't the only one!

  5. That was me in the comment above!



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