Friday, November 25, 2011

Pillow Talk Poppy

Pillow Talk Poppy Parker, along with Summer Magic is one of the first two Poppy dolls produced. She was a limited edition of 700 and her purchase price was $70. (Just try finding her for that price now...) Pillow Talk has long blonde hair, brown side-glancing eyes, and coral lips. Her original clothing included baby doll PJ's and slippers with poms.


  1. I think Poppy is so cute, but lately noticing that some are way to pricey for their overall outfits. I noticed Pillow Talk, (that's the one with pink sheer pajamas type dress?), is like $300! Cheap outfit is not worth the price, and this is not even that limited.

  2. There are three factors which drive the price of dolls on the secondary market: availability, condition, and desirability. In the case of Poppy, she is highly sought after and there are not many collectors willing to part with her, thus the high prices.

  3. Originally, also, if the price of the basic doll was $69, that's not bad for a basic Integrity doll. I think these were fairly limited in number--I want to guess 500-700 pieces. The more recent editions are even small, like only 300-500 pieces, so they can go even higher.

  4. Still say she is overpriced for her outfits and size of editions. But, she's still new so that explains it and popular right now. I predict she will drop like the rest of doll history does once the excitement dwindles. 500 and over is not that limited nowadays.


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