Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tonner Doll Company, I'm done with Alice, I tell you!

Blue Alice by alington
Blue Alice, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Please, dear loving designers at Tonner Doll Company, I'm really trying to be good. I'm trying to get over my obsession with Alice-themed dolls, and you aren't helping me. How am I supposed to get better and get my budgeting issues under control when your dolls keep getting cuter and cuter?

I hate to be so forward and ask you to stop creating Alice-themed dolls, simply for my sake. Surely there are plenty of other collectors out there who are able to order just one doll. That collector isn't me.

Dear readers, I'm due to post you my "holiday themed" display cabinet pretty soon. I tend to display the dolls I'm most thankful for during the holiday season (we celebrate Christmas, but start holiday decorating at Thanksgiving, as you may be able to tell from my photos). Those dolls happened to be dressed as Alice this year.

On to this doll: This limited edition of 200 dolls is called Blue Alice, and is from the 2011 Halloween convention. She is the Shauna/Queen of Hearts/Sweetheart sculpt on a cameo Antoinette body. She has blonde straight rooted hair and painted blue eyes, which I have enhanced with a little Liquitex gloss--just to add a little shine.

Her dress is two pieces: a lovely couture chiffon tunic with black ribbon trim, and a blue organza skirt with attached black petticoat. She includes blue striped tights and matching fingerless gloves, antiques silver necklace, black ribbon headband, and black and white shoes.

Blue Alice is still for sale at TonnerDirect. I just adore this doll. Don't you?

Blue Alice

Blue Alice

Blue Alice

Blue Alice


  1. Well, you know if you just can't stand it anymore, she can come and live with me!

  2. Carolyn, you made me go back and re-read my post to make sure I didn't actually use the phrase, "I just can't stand it." ;)

  3. Somehow I don't the Tonner team will be sympathetic to your plight^_~



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