Monday, July 30, 2012

Barbie gets a Tim Gunn makeover

Keep your eyes peeled at Target at starting next month (August) for these new Barbies and accessory pack, restyled by Tim Gunn. Above, the accessory pack includes a trench coat, houndstooth scarf, and booties for $25. 

Barbie's Casual Look "makes it work" in her skinny jeans, yellow blazer, classy patterned blouse, and metallic bag for $30.

Barbie's Work Style includes a classic pencil skirt and structured white button down shirt, wide belt, black sandals, and red bag. This look retails for $30.

Barbie's Evening Look is ready for a night out with this $25 accessory pack. It includes a black asymmetric top, patterned skirt, sandals, jewelry and black clutch.

Original story courtesy of InStyle Magazine.


  1. Hello from Spain: This new collection of dolls is gorgeous. I like all the dolls and accessories. It is a pity that my country has not these dolls. Keep in touch

  2. They are scheduled to be released in August--so perhaps you will see them next month? :)

  3. Wow, they do "work" those outfits, Alison! Thanks for sharing.


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