Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flying Dragon Ling Lan - JAMIEshow exclusive from Haute Doll

Angelic Dreamz announced the arrival of "Flying Dragon" Ling Lan, a new sculpt JAMIEshow on a new generation body, exclusive to Haute Doll magazine on Facebook yesterday. She is gorgeous!

Inspired by Guo Pei's "Flying Dragon" couture wedding gown, Ling Lan's gown is actually a hand beaded in Guo Pei's studio. The skirt is layers (and layers) of silk tulle, with golden laser cut dragons on either side of her bodice.

The jewelry accessories included are really stunning--a rhinestone beaded tiara, lovely beaded drop earrings, and a fantastic gold dragon ring with dripping golden chain. And her crystal shoes--they deserve their own place in my cabinet, of course. So adorable!

She includes a fantastic dark wig cap as well as a full plate head cap to allow her to wear size 5 wigs. JAMIEshow dolls are created with a non-toxic resin called J-Resin, which is slightly opalescent. Her new hand style allows them to be interchanged simply by snapping them on and off at the wrist.

She will be available to order on July 12, 2012, retail price at just $475 and she's limited to just 50 dolls! You'll be able to order her directly from DOLLS Magazine. You can get regular updates on Facebook.

Photos are property of Angelic Dreamz.

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