Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shipping schedule update from Tonner Doll Company

Antoinette Flourish - Very Limited stock available for pre-order. Shipping August 15, 2012.
Gorgeous photo is property of Tonner Doll Company, and (I bet) taken by Ernesto Padró-Campos
As of July 26, 2012, there has been a shipping schedule update from Tonner Doll Company.

In stock
Penelope Cruz as Angelica
Ms. Beetlejuice
Divine Feminine
City Shoes
Just Right
Steam Funk Cami
Soho Jaunt
Star Sapphire
Wonder Woman Steampunk #1
The Glamour Set
DeeAnna Denton Susan Wig
DeeAnna Denton Bettie Wig
2012 DeeAnna Denton Wigged Basic
I Love DeeAnna
Lunch on Park
DeeAnna's New Look
Red Hot DeeAnna
Banker's Ball
On the Rocks
Captain Jack
Antoinette Goth
Scarlett's Wedding Day
Freedom for Fashion Neo Tokyo
Freedom for Fashion Akemi
Black Cat
Nu Mood Hands C and AA
No Mood In Step C and AA
Finishing Touch Ballet Black, Pink and White
Nu Mood High Heels #1-9
Nu Mood Flat #1-4
Nu Mood Flat Boot #1
Nu Mood Bags (all)
Nu Mood Angle Cut Black
Nu Mood Angle Cut Platinum
Nu Mood Side Part Wave Brown
Nu Mood Side Part Wave Blonde
Nu Mood Fringe Cut Blonde
Nu Mood Fringe Cut Chestnut
Nu Mood Jagged Cut Brown
Nu Mood Parker
Nu Mood Paige
Nu Mood Pant Black, Purple, Red
Nu Mood Chiffon Skirt Black, Champagne, Lilac
Nu Mood Ballet Skirt Champagne, Rose
Nu Mood Top Rose, Champagne, Black
Dorothy Gale
13" Simone Basic
13" Suzette

Available for pre-order
Quorra - 9/5/12
Deluxe Goth Basic American Model - 8/1/12
American Model Glamour Basic - 8/1/1/12
Cami Basic - 8/1/12
Jon Basic - 8/1/12
Skyline - 9/14/12
All Business -8/15/12
Deep Pink Dream - 9/14/12
New York Jet - 8/15/12
Dynamic Red - 8/30/12
Antoinette Blonde Basic - 8/15/12
Antoinette Brunette Basic - 8/15/12
Antoinette Redhead Basic - 8/15/12
Desire - 9/5/12
Sparkling - 8/30/12
Winterberry - 9/14/12

Sold out
Court Gown - 9/5/12
SoHo Sheer
Radical Red
22" Batgirl
2012 Peggy Harcourt Wigged Basic
Madame de l'Amour
Finishing Touch Ballet Champagne
Nu Mood Tyler
Nu Mood Sydney
Nu Mood Jess
Nu Mood Bettie

Waitlist only
Party Girl - 9/14/12
Scandal - 9/5/12
Intriguing - TBD

Nu Mood Ankle Boot #1
Nu Mood Jagged Cut Bright Red
Nu Mood Carrie
Nu Mood Ballet Skirt Black
Flourish - 8/15/12
Simply Precarious - 8/30/12
Swing Time - 9/14/12
Anything Goes - 9/14/12

Sam Flynn
Decadence (Limited)

Just because the dolls are sold out at Tonner doesn't mean you won't be able to find one, by the way! Some dealers may still have a doll or two in stock. Post here if you're looking for one, and I'm ever so happy to help you find one!

As the dolls get towards the "limited" category, they will be harder to find, however--so don't wait too long!

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