Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Tonner Dolls previewed yesterday

Yesterday, Tonner Doll sneaked a peek at four new dolls coming out in its Fall/Holiday release, including Wonder Woman Steampunk and Tron: Legacy collection. You can preorder them directly from Tonner with free shipping, and from your favorite Tonner dealers.

I'll just say right now that while I'm not usually a huge superhero fan, I'm a little taken with Wonder Woman, Steampunk #1. She's limited to 500 dolls, retail $174.99, and she's estimated to arrive on July 13. She uses the Diana head sculpt on the 16" Heroic body. Check out this boots and goggles! I'm sure using this head sculpt helps--she is really gorgeous!

Sam Flynn from Tron: Legacy is also limited to 500, $179.99. His delivery date is to be decided. He uses a new Garrett Hedlund portrait head sculpt with wigged hair. He's a cutie! (I see an Arduino project on this bodysuit, if I could find a place for the battery pack!)

Gem uses a new Beau Garrett head sculpt with applied eyelashes, platinum hair, on a Lily skin tone body. She includes an extra pair of hands in addition to the white ones shown here with painted silver fingertips. Her outfit looks fantastic! She'll arrive July 20, is limited to 500, $174.99.

Olivia Wilde makes her first appearance as a Tonner Doll as Quorra. She's got a raven wig, painted blue eyes, and two sets of hands. Her delivery date is to be determined. She's limited to 500, $174.99.

I really can't wait to see photos of the production dolls!

Additionally, Tonner has announced that any leftover San Diego Comic Con Zombie Boy dolls will be sold beginning July 18, $159.99.

Images are property of Tonner Doll Company.

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