Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Momoko: A Droplet of Sand

Sekiguchi has released a new Momoko in their line-up called, "A Droplet of Sand."  This unusual Momoko comes with a beautiful outfit of a lace-up corset, matching choker, full white skirt, bloomers, and pearl white maryjane shoes.  She has fluffy blond hair and unique eyes.  Perhaps Sekiguchi describes the doll best;

"Maybe I can fall asleep if I take off the pearly shoes and set adrift on the sea of ​​sand.
Here's a momoko doll with never-closing eyes so blue, transient like a mirage."

What do you think?  Perhaps this ghostly-looking Momoko should be a part of my collection.  At the very least, I love that outfit.

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Picture courtesy of Sekiguchi.  


  1. That is a very pretty, very different Momoko. You definitely need her. (and so do I, LOL)

  2. Oh--I love her, too! I think I need this girl!

  3. Interesting coloring for a Momoko doll. Eyes differ from usual, too. Thanks for sharing this news.


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