Saturday, August 24, 2013

Steffie of the Day: Vidal Sassoon 1960s Barbie exclusive

Vidal Sassoon by alington
Vidal Sassoon, a photo by alington on Flickr.
This special and hard-to-find Barbie was exclusive to the Japanese market (in 2008) and was not available to purchase. She was raffled off as a prize, limited to a small edition of 300 dolls. Japanese pop star Namie Amuro promoted these dolls in conjunction with Vidal Sassoon, who gave this doll (along with the 1970s-styled version) away as prizes to people who participated in a contest.

Check out the pop star (and see how the doll's styling was inspired) in her music video here on YouTube:

As you might notice, this doll may have started off as a Barbie Basic Model No. 03. However, the dolls that have this face mold don't have brown eyes, their facial screening is different, and their arm poses (there are several versions of this doll) are slightly different (this doll's arm is on the opposite hip, for example, compared to one of the dolls).

The outfit is pretty much identical to the one Namie Amuro wears in the New Look video, and it's really well done.

I would love to have this doll in my collection, but the dolls rarely come up for sale. Leslie, the lovely and wonderful The Vintage Goddess on eBay, had both versions for sale at this year's Barbie convention. She was gracious enough to allow me to take photos of both.

The asking price for the dolls varies, depending on what the original owners ask--in this case, the set included both dolls (they are rarely found as a set), and was $2400. From what I can tell, the set is sold, but she still has the 1970s version available and in stock.

Leslie is your go-to person for anything hard-to-find when it comes to Barbie, by the way, and especially Japanese exclusives!

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