Friday, August 23, 2013

Raffle Steffie from Magia 2000

Magia 2000 by alington
Magia 2000, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Here's pretending that it hasn't been a week since my last post--I must apologize. My kids have started school, and my oldest starts after Labor Day, but has started (no joke) an all-day band camp. I have four kids in three different schools in two districts this year. The driving is a little crazier than I'm accustomed to, it seems.

I'm usually a no-nonsense kind of parent--it's a requirement as a mom of four. There is just no other option. But since David is in high school this year (how did that happen? Am I really no longer in my 30s?), I feel like the, er, responsible thing to do is to allow some extra-curricular activities into the schedule, and to encourage them, even. We'll see how long this lasts.

That being said and, while my sanity is mostly still in tact, this is another favorite from the Magia 2000 fashion show. She is a gorgeous Steffie repaint with a beautiful fashion. Amazingly, Mario and Gianni found it reasonable to create her for a raffle prize and gave her away to one lucky person in attendance at the show that night!

Simply fantastic!

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  1. Marching band? My eldest is a senior in high school and had marching band camp for a week from 8AM to 9PM, with a couple of hours break for dinner. Except for the day of freshman wake-ups: they go around to the houses of the freshman around 5 in the morning and play their instruments really loudly to wake them up; freshman wear funny costumes that day as well. Had to get my senior to someone else's house at 4:30 AM that day.

    Marching band (and band practice) have taken up so much of my time, but as I look back it's been totally worth it.


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