Monday, October 7, 2013

More items for sale

I've posted four more listings on the DollPage Show & Sell this morning in preparation for my new book. These listings will be great for my Tonner Doll fans out there. My goal is to rotate the dolls in my collection to get the ones I need for my newest projects. I'll keep you posted on how it's going, but so far, it's going well!

Above, you can see FAO Schwarz exclusive The Parakeet. She uses the Cami sculpt with raven hair in a braided updo. She is gorgeous! If you loved the Flights of Fancy dolls from the 2012 convention, this limited edition 100 girl would fit right in. 

Chantilly Charmant

Chantilly Charmant is an Effanbee doll from the 2006 Paris Fashion Doll, limited to 150. She was only available in Paris. She is a lovely Daphne Dimples doll from the Brenda Starr collection with gorgeous green eyes and platinum curls. She has a pink satin trumpet style gown with antique lace overlay. Simply gorgeous!

Celebration in Paris
Tyler Wentworth makes a red carpet appearance in Celebration in Paris. This doll was a grail of mine for years, but isn't fitting in my collection anymore. Another Paris Fashion Doll LE100 from 2009, this platinum Tyler 2.0 wears a dramatic black gown with lots of tulle.

Morning Mist
Last but not least, it's Morning Mist. Daphne made a long-awaited appearance to Tonner's main line this year with this Tonner Ballet dressed doll, and she includes an additional pair of heel feet. She includes a gorgeous purple and lavender sequined costume and ballet shoes.

I have a lengthy trade list on my DollPage, and here are some of the items I'm looking to add to my collection:

  • 2004 Effanbee's Midnight Enchantment Daphne
  • 2004 Platinum Panache outfit
  • 2004 Weekend in St. Moritz Daphne
  • 2005 Brazilian Bombshell Daphne
  • 2005 Crystal Celebration outfit
  • 2005 Resort Daphne
  • 2005 Star of the Red Carpet Daphne
  • 2006 Moonlight Mystery Daphne
  • 2006 Smoldering Seduction Daphne
  • 2007 Diversion at Dinner Daphne
  • 2007 High Seas Basic Daphne
  • 2007 Noel Angel Tonner Doll
  • 2007 Touch of Teal Daphne
  • 2008 Wild Inspiration outfit
  • 2009 Evening With Simon Daphne
  • 2010 Garden Party Iris Raven (Daphne)
  • 2010 Ultra Basic Daphne
  • 2011 Wilhelmina Wonka

You can contact me by leaving me a comment, on Flickr messages, or on the email I have listed on the DollPage.

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