Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New releases from Tonner Doll, part II

Tonner Doll Company continues its Fall/Holiday release with two new additions to the Theatre de la Mode. Elegance #93 uses the Gina head sculpt and a gorgeous pleated dusty rose satin dress with silke flower trim, white gloves and rhinestone jewels. She's LE300 and $224.99. Her shipping date is TBA.

Glamorous #75 also use the Gina head sculpt, dressed in a black chiffon dress with rhinestone decorations on the bodice. She wears a velvet headpiece with a belt, black shoes, and rhinestone earrings. She's also LE300, retails for $229.99, and will ship October 25.

Shipboard Wedding is a new dressed doll LE300 ($224.99) or outfit LE50 ($99.99) added to the Marilyn Monroe collection.

Two new basic dolls and two new outfits have been added to the Re-Imagination line this year--finally! No photo is yet available for 16" Fairytale Basic, but she uses the Kay head sculpt. Above, you can see 16" Vintage Basic, who uses the Daphne head sculpt. Both dolls are limited to 500 and retail for $149.99. Shipping is TBA.

The outfits are available separately, LE200, $124.99, created for the Tyler body. Sleeping Beauty is shown above. Shipping TBA. Below, Snow White is now in stock.

 The DC Stars are back with three new 16" super heroes--Wonder Woman 52 (new Tyler sculpt--photo coming soon),  Mera 52 (Lois Lane head) and Supergirl 52. They retail for $199.99 each, LE300, with shipping TBA.

Additionally, there will be a new 22" Harley Quinn, LE200, $349.99. She uses the alabaster skin tone and has inset sky blue eyes, and pale blonde rooted hair. In addition to her painted hands, she also includes alabaster hands as well.

Finally, the last photos belong to the Sinister Circus collection. Three new dressed dolls are coming. Ava is shown below and uses the 15" teen body and Alice's Sister head. She's $174.99, LE200. Above, Dark Soul uses the Batman head sculpt and the 18" Superhero body. He's also limited to 200 and retails for $259.99. Finally, Dark Mistress uses the Breathless head sculpt on a BW body, and is $239.99. Photo and shipping dates are forthcoming.

Several other dolls are announced (Antoinette, Gone with the Wind) with photos pending, as well as a whole bunch of new Patsy dolls.

As always, preorders can happen now. Check out Dreamcastle Dolls for your best prices!

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