Saturday, July 5, 2014

Barbie - How I'd restyle her.

This is how I'd style Barbie, if I were given the chance. Scroll through the photos below, and you can see the wardrobe I've selected. And why hasn't there been a Betsey Johnson Barbie yet? Wouldn't that be perfect?

I've been staying far away from Polyvore lately, due to budget restrictions and how much I recently spent on Urban Decay products at the Ulta store recently. (Why can't I just have one hobby?) But really... when you change your hair color as often as I do, you sort of need to update your wardrobe and makeup. Right?

Anyway--let me know what you think. And try it out! Polyvore is a LOT of fun. :)


  1. Hello from Spain. Fabulous proposals. Very trendy. Keep in touch

  2. I wish to goodness *someone* would restyle Barbie. Seems like Mattel is generally uninspired in every incarnation of the plastic goddess these days.

  3. What a great question? WHY hasn't there been (or, better yet, why ISN'T THERE) a Betsey Johnson Barbie doll? OMG! She would looks so cute in Betsey's fou-fou designs! And, the accessories are absolutely to-die-for!! What IS Mattel thinking about??? I think there should be a Model Muse AND a Silkstone by Betsey Johnson! Oh! Yes!!! And, a playline doll, too!

  4. OK, people. Let's all corner Bill Greening at this next convention and pop the question: Why not do a Betsey Johnson Barbie?? :)

  5. Love your ideas! This is the kind of change the line needs to revitalize itself. I've gotten so bored with Barbie all my dolly dollars go to Integrity these days, unless I buy vintage. I hope some Mattel designers stop by your blog soon.

    1. Well--I'd love it if they did--as long as I didn't get a cease-and-desist order along with their visit! (Still--if they made a Betsey Johnson doll out of it, I might consider it even!) ;)


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