Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Wake-Up Momoko: Azone Specials

Sekiguchi has teamed up with Azone again to release some darling wake-up dolls.  The outfit appears to be the same as the previous Azone special Momoko, just in a different fabric.  Wake-up Momoko after often a great way to do a little more Momoko collecting on a budget, since they typically cost less than most Momoko.  Wake-up dolls come with a basic outfit and no shoes.

Azone special WUD #002 is the young lady with blue eyes and Azone special WUD #003 is the Momoko with reddish eyes.

What do you think of these two ladies?  They are listed at 5,800 yen and will be available in July 2014.  They can be purchased through doll dealers. 

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Picture courtesy of Sekiguchi.

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