Monday, July 7, 2014

If I could make a Betsey Johnson Barbie...

Betsey Johnson Barbie #1

Betsey Johnson dress / Betsey Johnson intimate / Betsey Johnson robe / Betsey Johnson peep toe pumps / Betsey johnson purse / Betsey johnson jewelry / Betsey Johnson bracelet charm / Betsey Johnson watch / Betsey Johnson drop earrings / Betsey Johnson beauty product

If I worked at Mattel, I'd do my best to collaborate with Betsey Johnson to create a Barbie using her style of products.

Notice a few things:

  • This version uses pastel shades and floral prints--the softer side of Betsey.
  • She includes a floral day dress as well as a set of PJs (robe and nightie).
  • Her jewelry is a little over-the-top and fabulous!
  • Her bag and wedges are almost neutral and would look great restyled with other pieces.
  • She even includes a miniature version of Betsey's signature fragrance, Too Too Pretty.
Oh yes. I see it in the near future!


  1. I do like the clothes, and I would like to see Barbie better dressed. I just don't think it would be economically feasible at the moment for Mattel to pay a first-class designer and be able to make an affordable doll. I would also like Mattel to clean up their quality control issues with MH and EAH first.

    Although, does that dress mean large floral prints are in style? My bridesmaids wore dresses with a large floral print at my wedding in the 90's. :)

    1. Really? You had fantastic taste! I've totally noticed a resurgence of 1990s style--look at the Naked palettes (makeup) by Urban Decay, for example, and the resurgence of nudes. It's so strange. (As long as we don't do pale denim, please!!) :)

      I don't collect Monster High or Ever After dolls--I have noticed a HUGE increase in production, however, and mounds of these dolls (tons of new ones) at my local Target. It seems that with mass production comes quality issues. What's the deal?

      Also, I'd like to see easy-to-remove packaging, and possibly recyclable stuff, as well--that doesn't ruin hair. I saw some at Kohl's, but the hair was totally loose and in the open--on play line dolls. It was weird--but interesting, just the same.

  2. Well, thank you! At the time, I was mostly proud that most of the girls were able to wear their dresses again. They were quite fashionable at the time.

    The problem with MH and EAH dolls is that the heads can leak glue. Quite a lot of glue. And even if you work out a way to wash the glue out, it will leak yet more glue. As a collector, it would be bad enough. As a parent, I'd be disgusted. Who knows what all is in that glue?

    It's true there are quite a lot of MH and EAH dolls out there right now, but they seem to be Mattel's main meal ticket at the moment. Kids and collectors alike are going crazy for them, glue issues or not. I should say that not every doll has those issues, but enough do that it's definitely a problem.

    It will be interesting for some doll collector in the near future to do a study on whether Monster High ironically sunk Barbie sales for Mattel, or if Barbie was sinking on her own and Mattel grasped onto Monster High's popularity to rebound.

    Oh, and I think you'd like one of the new Ever After High dolls, Poppy O'Hair (daughter of Rapunzel.) She wears a short bob with half of it dyed purple, and is an aspiring hair stylist.

    1. Ok. Wow. I'm a a mother of four including two girls, and that glue issue seems appalling. I'm sure quality-control has something in progress to fix it, being the optimist that I am.

      I have seen that exact doll, and you're right! She's very cute! I also had a monster high doll in my hand yesterday at target, and she was really fun. Of course I don't remember her name but she had curly teal hair


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