Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Funny Valentine Luncheon
Chicken was indeed on the menu, but so was a salad with bleu cheese dressing. The cake for dessert was delicious, and unfortunately, I didn't hear a thing about the center pieces, though it was raffled to a person at our table.
Kmart donated reusable shopping bags as well as coupons that look like they can be used online or in person.

Mattel graciously sponsored the entertainment, and we got a sneak peek at a new reproduction/revival/prequel series starting up summer 2015 called Willows, WI. Cherry Pie Picnic (if I got her name right) is the first in the series and uses the vintage sculpt with golden blonde pigtails! She's wearing denim capris and includes a pie with removable slices. She will be a direct exclusive and oh, was she cute! It was my understanding that photos weren't allowed, so I didn't take any. This is Barbie before she became the supermodel.
Additionally, we were each given a box of shoes (!!), two pink acrylic ghost chairs, a cd of the songs performed during the performance (I couldn't help thinking of Bye, Bye, Birdie), and $50 to spend in the salesroom.

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