Monday, August 4, 2014

Gilded eyelids - from Jason Wu runway show

I didn't understand the trend at first, but it turns out that Jason Wu actually used that sparkling gold (gilded lids) technique on his models for his spring 2014 collection. I'm a little late to the party, I know, but better late than never, right?

Check out this article here on for more information about this technique. Jason Wu's gilded lids show up as 6/8. Maybe it will help me enjoy seeing glitter on my dolls eyes? Who knows? There's that saying about monkeys, too. It looks pretty IRL, though, I have to admit.

The Best Makeup Trends from Spring 2014 Fashion Week -
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  1. That IS pretty, but isn't it hard to see from a distance, such as at a show, where the models are moving?

    1. You know, I wondered about that, too, but apparently Lancome placed it's product there during the show (and during others, too), so it must be visible to some degree. Perhaps with digital cameras, prep photos, or after show party photos?

  2. The little bit I know about this is watching shows like Project Runway, but it seems like they style models (and creature makeup, like on Face Off) for both far away and close up. The effect has to be nice from a distance, but then there is an extra "wow" factor when you get closer and see the details. I like the glitter eye makeup in certain colors, especially gold.


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