Friday, August 8, 2014

New stuff from Azone... but I'm not an Alice fan anymore (Ack! Help me!)

Himeno, Osumashi Mouth
I'm seeing three new items released from Azone this morning that are actually still available for preorder from Hobby Search. In the 1:6 size, Ex Cute series, it's Himeno, only my favorite face, in two versions with a Winter 2014 release date for 11,400 yen (about $112) in two versions - her normal mouth or a straight Osumashi mouth. She's called Classic Alice Tick Tock Rabbit on the S Pure Neemo body.

Next, there's a large gorgeous 50cm girl, only wait list available from Hobby Search, for 42,750 yen (about $419), called Time of Grace Alice. She's really pretty!

Himeno Ex Cute Osumashi Mouth

Himeno, normal mouth
Alice, Time of Grace
Photos are property of Azone, International.

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