Sunday, August 10, 2014

New DollHeart outfits for preorder - for Azone's Pure Neemo!

I'm delighted to announce that DollHeart has released a preorder for Rainbow Fairies, which includes two new outfits for Azone's Pure Neemo size dolls. You can purchase the set of fairy costumes (dolls not included) for $84.90, which saves you $4.90 (10%) off retail. They are available from DollHeart directly or from your favorite DollHeart dealer.

Iolanthe is a lavender fairy (according to Wikipedia, it's "a feminine given name, derived from the Greek 'ιολη' (iole) for 'violet' and 'ανθος' (anthos) for 'flower.'" This outfit includes a one-piece dress, skirt, headdress, chain accessory, wing, underwear, petticoat, and socks. It's $44.90 and available for preorder today with an August delivery date.

Ainsel is an aqua version of the rainbow fairy set, and includes a one-piece dress, choker, headdress, wings, a pair of bracelets, petticoat, bloomers, and socks. It's $44.90 when purchased alone and is available for preorder now, with an August release date.

Just for kicks, I looked up "Ainsel" on Wiki, too. You might find it interesting.

Additionally, there's a preview of a new limited costume set called Moloko Plus, which I believe will be released especially for attendees of the Osaka Dollism Plus show. This outfit includes a one-piece dress, hat, belt, underpants and mesh stockings. Price is still to be determined.

All photos are property of DollHeart.

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