Thursday, August 28, 2014

Many More Momoko (and Ruruko)

It's been a while since I've produced a Momoko/Ruruko update, but there are a few more out in the world that need some attention.  Let's begin: 

PetWorks CCS 14AN Momoko (PK, GR):  Pink and Green versions of 14AN will be available for preorder on the PetWorks Global Store website late September.  Pink is a honey face and Green is a cool face with a mole.  They both seem to have a similar floral print worked into their outfits, but you get your choice of boyish or cutesy girl.  Each costs 24,840 yen.

PetWorks Momoko ae <SILVER BUTTERFLY> Life Still Life:  This beauty is designed by Silver Butterfly, doll fashion designer.  The Momoko will be produced on order with preorders taken from September 15th to 29th.  The delivery schedule is April – May 2015, but could be subject to delays.  She will be sold through the PetWorks Global Store.  Life Still Life has a cool face and comes with the outfit pictured.  I especially love the glasses!  She costs 23,760 yen.

PetWorks CCSgirl 14AN Ruruko PS:  There is a new Ruruko coming out with a "release schedule" of late September 2014.  She will be available at the PetWorks Global Store for 21,600 yen.  She sports the same floral print at the 14AN Momoko.  She comes with the outfit pictured and will likely sell out super fast when she goes up on the PetWorks website.

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Pictures courtesy of PetWorks.

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  1. Eeep. I love that new Ruruko. I just am not so in love with her price. And Silver Butterfly is super adorable, too!


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