Friday, January 15, 2010

ImplDoll Chris

ImplDoll Chris, originally uploaded by alington.
Oh my goodness. I'm absolutely smitten!

White skin ImplDoll Christopher (she's female) arrived today. ImplDoll is a new BJD company from China. Chris, as I am calling her, is my very first elf. She is an SD size--but very tall. She's a whopping 63.5 cm (25 inches), and taller and more realistically proportioned in the face than my other girls (Peak's Woods and Dollzone).

She has a factory face-up. It's simple, but very nice. I think the purple lips are perfect for a fantasy character. Her sleepy eyes make her look like she's looking down or away, giving her a haughty, judgmental look. She also has great cheekbones.

Her elbows are double-jointed, which makes it easy for her to touch her face. But her knees are not, so she stands easily. It's actually not a bad combination, since you get some nice looking knee joints.

I picked up a wig at the same time by Monique Gold, JRock in brown and purple, which happens to match her face-up and eyes perfectly. I don't know if her eyes vary, but they are glass, I believe, and a bit hard to photograph. They are brown/purple.

She's dressed in only the black pieces of DollHeart's Love 'n the Ice outfit. Strangely, the shoes I ordered are high heels (by ImplDoll), and I could not fit her feet into them. Maybe there is a trick, or a second set of high heel feet?

Her resin is a bit shiny, though--my one and only complaint. But that is easily fixed. (Not on her face--only her body.) I'll have to do my Magic Eraser trick when I add blushing to her body. She also needs a proper fairy outfit, too, I think.

Check out some other photos on my Flickr photostream. I'll hopefully be taking some more today.

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