Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tonner 2010 Preview recap

Many of these dolls are available now from your favorite Tonner Doll dealer, and the remaining line will go live on January 29, 2010 on Tonner Doll's website.

Here's a recap of what was released for this preview collection. I'm listing the retail prices here, and many of your dealers will give you a better price than the suggested retail (though I think they may have some restrictions for how they can advertise these online). You can see all the photos here. I've posted shipping information if it's available.

Agnes Dreary

  • Wolfsbane, $199.99. Sister Dreary sculpt with smaller bust, raven hair and green eyes. Limited edition of just 150 dolls. Expected mid February.
  • Belladonna, $149.99. Agnes sculpt on Marley body, raven hair with blue eys. LE 200. Expected mid February.
  • Hemlock, $149.99. Viktor sculpt on Marley body, mink hair with hazel eyes. LE 200. There is a note on this one that the promotional photo shows the doll with raven hair. The actual doll has mink (dark brunette) hair. Expected mid February.
Hollywood Legends

  • Woman of Passion, $229.99. Joan Crawford with dark brunette hair and blue eyes. LE 150. Expected mid February.
  • Sealing the Deal, $189.99. Bette Davis with brunette hair and blue eyes. LE 500. Expected mid February.
Hollywood Glamour

  • Dancing on a Cloud, $119.99. LE 500 Expected mid February.
  • And the Award Goes To..., $124.99. LE 500. Expected mid February.
  • Fame and Fortune, $114.99. LE 500. Expected mid February.
DeeAnna Denton™

  • Falling for Her, $194.99. Dark redhead with green eyes, LE 250. Expected mid February.
Miss Piggy

  • 2010 Miss Piggy Basic, $99.99. Pale Blonde. Open edition. Expected 1/18/2010.
  • Fifth Avenue Pig, $169.99. LE 300. Expected 1/18/2010.

  • Tranquil, $189.99. Bloom skin tone, dark redhead, blue eyes, LE 500. In stock.
  • Organic, $189.99. Honey skin tone,  light redhead, green eyes, LE 500. In stock.
  • Wanton, $144.99. Bloom skin tone, medium blonde, hazel eyes, LE 500. In stock.
  • Intoxicating, $99.99. Outfit, LE 500. Expected mid February.
  • 2010 Bloom mannequin, $49.99. Redhead, LE 500.
  • 2010 Alabaster mannequin, $49.99. Raven, LE 500.
Gone with the Wind™

  • All Dressed Up Like Racehorses, $124.99. Outfit, LE 500. Expected mid February.
Monica Merrill™

  • Sweet Somethings! Basic Doll, $109.99. Convertible feet, inset green eyes, brunette and red wigs. LE 500.
  • Monica Galore, $89.99. Outfit, LE 500.
  • A Gimlet for the Lady, $89.99. Outfit, LE 500.
Photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

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