Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Julia as Stacy

Julia as Stacy, originally uploaded by alington.
This is a resin Goodreau ball-jointed doll Julia, who has been redressed and styled as my friend Stacy, who got married in December.

My friend Jen Eugley made the gown, gloves and jewelry, according to Stacy's wedding dress (from David's bridal). She made the "embroidery" on the bodice with a sparkly fabric pen.

I had the bouquet commissioned by Erika from Canada, who has an store on Ebay for floral and other miniatures. It looks just like her original bouquet.

The wig is by Monique Gold (Roxie in burgundy), and Julia is wearing Glib acrylic eyes in deep brown.

We presented her with the doll on Sunday, and Stacy was thrilled. It was so much fun! You can see more photos, including full-size ones of the gown, and the grommet lacing detail of the back, on my Flickr photostream.


  1. She is gorgeous......reminds me of Alice in the Twilight saga....

  2. I never realized how much she looks like Miss Turry's sister...and that wig does give her an Alice vibe! Great job!!


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