Friday, January 29, 2010

Tonner Doll Mainline Release 2010

Visit the Tonner Doll website for full details on the dolls. Visit your favorite doll dealer to pre-order or order these dolls. All photos property of Tonner Doll Company.

Several exciting new lines have been announced, but no promotional dolls photos are yet available:

  • Lord of the Rings: Arwen Eventstar $144.99 and Strider, Ranger of the North $149.99 (both LE1500) have been announced, but both doll images are pending licensor and actor approval. Ranger uses Matt's body, and Arwen uses Tyler's with convertible feet.
  • Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland: Yikes--there's a doll photo posted! Alice Kingsley, 16" small bust Tyler, $149.99, LE1000. I love her--check out her shoes--could they be... Fluevogs??? Then, waiting on approval are Tarrant, the Mad Hatter ($224.99, Matt body with green eyes and pale skin), Iracebeth, the Red Queen ($199.99 Tyler body with blue eyes and pale skin) and Mirana, the White Queen ($189.99 tyler body and pale skin). They've already done an Anne Hathaway sculpt, so it shouldn't be too long, I hope.
  • Disney Princesses: Cinderella and Princess Tiana are on the horizon (15" teen bodies, $199.99). And Jessica Rabbit ($149.99) is her fabulous self in a 17" athletic body. All are limited edition 1000.
  • Cami & Jon - won't be available till after the breakfast at noon Sunday!
  • Tonner Wardrobe Collection - a new collection for 17" athletic body dolls and 18" male bodies.
Then, adding to the existing lines:

  • DC Stars has added Power Girl Deluxe ($189.99) and Harley Quinn Deluxe ($199.99). Both are limited editions of 500, and I think they may both be new face sculpts.
  • Effanbee Centennial Celebration - Centennial Rose Patsy, LE300 $124.99 and Patsyette $79.99.
  • DeeAnna Denton - Basic Platinum ($99.99), Cristal dressed doll ($219.99), Falling for Her doll ($194.99) and three new outfits (I love Minty Fresh!)
  • Ava Gardner - Black Magic dressed doll, LE300 $179.99
  • Bette Davis - Sealing the Deal dressed doll, LE500 $189.99
  • Monica Merrill - Fun new collection, including "It" Girl $179.99, Flipped Out $179.99, On the Fringe $179.99 dressed dolls (LE 500) and That's All She Wrote $89.99 outfit.
  • Antoinette: Two new basic Antoinettes (Glowing Muse) $114.99. Willful and Vivacious dressed dolls, and several new outfits and shoes.
  • Gone with the Wind: Two new dressed Scarlett dolls (one will be a 22" American Model), plus a new 8" Betsy McCall.
  • Agnes Dreary: In addition to the Sister, Agnes and Viktor dolls announced in the preview, Brother Dreary is a brand new character in the line, with the Jeremy Voss face sculpt and raven hair, $169.99, LE300
  • Tyler Wentworth: Basic Black Mei Li makes a second appearance for $79.99 (this time, in an edition of 1000). Plus, a gorgeous red-haired 1.0 Tyler Sterling Nights (I love her) $199.99 (LE500) and Power Play Sydney (blonde with green eyes) $189.88 (LE500).
  • Wizard of Oz - 8" Dorothy Gale (Betsy McCall body) for $59.99 LE1000
  • Fashion Zombies (ReImagination): Decay & Decadence and Dance of Death, $209.99 LE500. Sculpts are listed, but both of these ladies look familiar.
  • Sinister Circus - Oh wow. There are a lot of new, really weird dolls. Very weird. I love Keiko. Go check them out.
  • Devereaux Sisters - Backstage Invitation, a gorgeous brunette Renée Devereaux whom I hope I will be able to resist, $189.99 LE300.

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