Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Adel!

Adel, originally uploaded by alington.
My newest ball-jointed doll has arrived, and she's a cutie!

Meet Adel, a special edition Elfdoll tiny with human ears from 2007. I bought her used on Den of Angels. I couldn't be happier.

And she included two extra head caps. With these dolls, you glue the wigs onto the head caps to switch them. Now, I have two extra options of my little girls to wear. Hooray! And, now I have an extra pair of high heel feet, so I can restring Sylf, if I'd like her to be able to stand.

Adel is so sassy and classy. She's only 5.5" (about 14 cm) tall. So cute and tiny.

Visit my Flickr photostream to see her box opening (the seller even wrapped her up so nicely!), her first photo shoot, and also Adel posing with the rest of my tiny family.


  1. Viewed the "rest of my tiny family", and they are all just so cute. ..My compliments to their photographer.

  2. Oh! Thanks so much! (It was a bit trying to get them all to behave. I can never get Olivia to open her eyes!) ;)


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