Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anya in pink

Anya in pink, originally uploaded by alington.
I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day and converting my dolls to pink outfits and hair, where I can.

This is Anya, newly sueded (I'm working an a blog post to explain sueding for my Dolls blog) and blushed. She's wearing Morphoa's pink wig today, and it's a bit big, but really cute.

I am so excited to tell you I've seen real-life photos of Kim Lasher's 2010 dolls, including Simply Alice. If you have the funds, and have been considering a doll, you might want to check out her website today and over the next few days--they are wonderful. Also, she previewed a smaller doll, Violet, who might be YoSD sized. So adorable. (Must have!)

My family will be eating rice and beans for the rest of the year if I'm not careful! See the rest of Anya's photoshoot on Flickr.

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