Friday, February 12, 2010

Dr. Who™ and Torchwood™ have finally been approved!

Hooray for Tonner Doll Company! The Torchwood™ and Dr. Who™ character figures have finally received studio approval from the BBC, and promotional photos are finally up on their website.

The Tenth Doctor is a dressed doll, sculpted in the likeness of of David Tennant. He's dressed in a two-piece suit, and includes a shirt, tie, socks, shoes and a Sonic Screwdriver. He retails for $179.99. He's a limited edition of 2000.

Martha Jones™ is sculpted in the likeness of Freema Agyeman, and she's dressed in a knit top, under a faux leather jacket and jeans. She includes jewelry, hair trim, hose, shoes and display stand. She's a limited edition of 2000 and retails for $174.99.

Time Lord's Coat is a Tonner Direct Exclusive, and retails for $49.99. It's made of faux suede, and is fully lined.

From the Torchwood™ line, Jack Harkness™ is sculpted in the likeness of John Barrowman, and he comes dressed in a tee shirt layered under a long-sleeved cotton shirt, belted trousers, and a long duster coat. He also includes shoes and socks and a display stand. LE2000 $199.99

Gwen Cooper™is a limited edition of 1000, and retails for $169.99. She comes dressed in dark denims, a shirt under a cute shirred jacket. She also includes hose and boots, and a display stand.

Photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Hhhhmmm, never in a million years would I have guessed that was supposed to be David Tennant!!??!

  2. I think the likenesses could have been better, cute dolls but not really like the actors. David Tennant and John Barrowman are far better looking than their dolls ;-)

  3. You know, Yve--I am not familiar with the Dr. Who show, but I've heard it recently acquired a new actor for the main character. Does this doll look more like the new actor?

    I wonder--and possibly if this is why the dolls took so long for approval? (They were announced January 2009.)

  4. Kayjay,

    I really like the John Barrowman doll, I have to admit, but don't think he's a great likeness, either.

    And I really like the clothes on both the women's dolls. :)

  5. Alison, the 11th doctor has a completely different costume so I do not think they are trying to base this doll on the new actor (Matt Smith).

  6. Oh--and he's called the 11th doctor, too? Thanks for the info, Nicole! :)


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