Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Tea for Two

Alice Kingsleigh, originally uploaded by alington.
It's been a little while, but I've got a fun new tea-ppropriate doll to share for Tuesday Tea for Two again. This fun event is sponsored by Wanda Lee of The Plumed Pen--check out her lovely, artistic blog!

Above you'll find Alice Kingsleigh, the first release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland line by Tonner Doll Company. She stands 16" tall with lovely dark blonde curls and brown eyes. And I even got her to stad on her own--without her included doll stand.

I just adore her little boots. I'd totally wear them in my size. You can see the rest of Alice's photoshoot on Flickr.

Just a note on the photo: I took this in my son's room, since I love the mellow color of his wall. David is ten. He was pestering me the entire time, "Are you done yet? Can you get that doll out of here?" Makes me sort of want to go pose my doll in his room while he is at school as a nice little surprise... and maybe to tease him just a little bit.

Don't forget to visit The Plumed Pen today. And you can participate as well, if you have a blog. It's really quite fun!


  1. Oh She is lovely!!!! Such a great shot, nice recreation of the promo pic.


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