Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mari as Mod Alice

Mari as Mod Alice, originally uploaded by alington.
Yay! It only took me three tries, but now, I know how to restring BJDs for real. (It pays to do a little research before you take your doll apart.) Watching a video tutorial really helped. I love the one on BJD Collectasy's site--it's perfect.

I was so excited that I restrung my Bobobie and one of my Elfdoll tinies, too.

Anyway, Mari has been restrung and sueded (check out her pose!), seam lines sanded, blushed very subtly, given new eyelashes and eyes... and several photo shoots. You can check them out on Flickr.

This is my favorite look. She's wearing a OOAK outfit by Nancie from Nankatts, Lacey wig by Leeke, shoes and socks by DollHeart, and is trying out some new acrylic eyes in aqua.

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