Sunday, April 8, 2012

Momoko & J-Dolls are always there to save the day!

"Groovy Baby" Momoko
As someone who sews for Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker and all of those other tiny gals, I am always making mistakes that lead to outfits being too small for even them. However, because these "too small" outfits usually fit Momoko and J-Dolls, I can still add them to my Etsy shop, instead of writing them off!

"Groovy Baby" Momoko
These poor girls end up with clothes intended for someone else, but they still smile at me, so I don't think they're too heartbroken. (When you think about it, wouldn't you love getting clothes from a friend because you're actually small enough to fit them?)

"Streets of Laredo" J-Doll
Here are a few photos of an outfit (just added to my Etsy shop!) I originally created for another doll that ended up fitting only Momoko and J-Dolls.

Thank you, girls, for being just a little smaller than everybody else.

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