Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tonner Doll updates

Deluxe Goth Basic 22" American Model
Three photos have been added for several of newly released items by Tonner Doll, including a photo of the two new wigs for DeeAnna Denton and Deluxe Goth Basic American Model. I really love the American Model's outfit--it's really cute!

Additionally, several arrival dates have been added to the latest release:

  • Belladonna - this week
  • The Glamour Set - beginning of May
  • Bettie wig - beginning of May
  • Susan wig - middle of May
  • 2012 Peggy Harcourt Wigged - end of April
  • Scarlett's Wedding Day - end of April
  • Heartbroken - this week
  • Nu Mood hands and In Step feet - end of April
  • Finishing Touch Ballet Champagne - end of April
  • Nu Mood Bag Champagne - end of April
  • Nu Mood wigs - mid May
  • Nu Mood Pant red - this week
  • 13" Suzette - mid May

The following items are listed as sold out at Tonner:

  • Madame de l'Amour
  • Finishing Touch Ballet Champagne
  • Nu Mood Tyler - Fashion
  • Nu Mood Jess - Dance
  • Nu Mood Bettie - Curvy
  • Radical Red
The following items are listed as "limited" stock, so pick them up while you can:
  • Nu Mood Ankle Boot #1
  • Nu Mood Jagged Cut/Bright Red wig
  • Nu Mood Carrie - Dance
  • Nu Mood Ballet Skirt - Black

DeeAnna Denton Susan wig

DeeAnna Denton Bettie wig
Photo property of Tonner Doll Company.

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  1. Love the Deeanna Dention with the Susan wig! Thanks for the info.


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