Sunday, April 8, 2012

Poppy Parker new releases

As you may have gathered, I've been out of town on vacation this week, which means I also missed Intergrity Toys' grand unveiling event. And oh my--are there some exciting additions to the line. I'll just jump right in with Poppy Parker:

Sunshine Games Poppy Parker
LE 500
Mid July delivery
Brunette tan Poppy sports ponytails, a triped bikini with skirted bottom in a pink and lime print, oversized white and pink beach tote, white sandals, hoop earrings, pink sun hat and white sunglasses. 

She's Not There Poppy Parker
LE 600
Mid June delivery
Twiggy inspired Poppy, with gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair, dressed in a graphic shift dress (black and white) and matching overcoat with hood. She sports red fishnets, futuristic boots, white purse, red glasses, round globe earrings, and has an extra pair of white gloved hands.

Day Tripper Poppy Parker
LE 500 Mid July delivery
Freckled plantinum flip Poppy with yellow eye shadow wears a wonderful twill turquoise dress, belted in yellow, trimmed with yellow buttons and a matching hat. She is wearing turquoise fishnets, yellow boots, and has a matching yellow trench to complete her look. Her adorable blue train case is a really cute accessory as well. She wears simple blue stud earrings.

The Happening Poppy Parker
LE 600
Mid July delivery
Wow--glamour Poppy as we haven't see her before! This lovely girl wears her mink hair pulled up in a ponytail to let her eyes shine. Her nude lips complement this look. Wire hoop earrings with diamond studs also help. Her outfit: a lovely silver sequined shift with rolled collar, sparkling tights, which will brighten every party as she walks in the room. Accessories also include low heeled bow slippers, silver purse and those must-have a earrings. Simply lovely.

Now, I wish I could tell you than was all for Poppy. But surprisingly, it isn't. I'm thrilled to a see two new Darlas in the mix:

Color My World Darla Daley
LE 400
Mid June delivery date
She may be my fave! I love her color blocked style, her hair, her super straight hair with bangs, and her accessories-- and that they all work so well together! She has a boating style hat, and an amazing bag, perfect pumps, all sorts of jewelry... And she braves pale lipstick. I die!

Bus Stop Darla Daley
LE 400
Mid July delivery
Bus Stop Darla is perfect. Her hair style reminds me of the Poppy centerpiece from last year's convention I'll never be able add to my collection, and I like Darla more even more! Plus her accessories are just too cool! Hooray!

Oh yes, and another Chip Release:

My Generation Chip Farnsworth III
LE 450 Delivery
mid July

All photos property of Integrity Dolls.

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