Monday, April 2, 2012

Tiny obsessions: Vintage Barbie Lingerie

1968 Talking Barbie, dressed in a piece of #1821 Underliners from 1968
I tend to be a little obsessive in my doll collecting habits. My current obsession for my vintage collection has been lingerie and sleepwear. I have several interesting collector books--probably my favorite author is Hillary Shilkitus James--which helpfully encourage my rather obsessive behavior.

Variations are particularly interesting to me at the moment--I'd love to add a few 1970s Perfect Beginnings Pak variations to my collection. These adorable Paks include a bra in a varity of prints (Color Magic, Dreamy Pink, The Combination, Style Setters, Twiggy Turnouts, Border Line, Floating Gardens, and pale pink), matching panty, nylon ruffled petticoat, and talc powder with puff. My first one is on the way--Floating Gardens. 

You can see samples on eBay, but also check out the yellow version on Doll Reference, and a lovely NRFP sample in Style Setters from Big Red Angel.

1968 Talking Barbie in #1864 Close-Ups Fashion, standing to Julia's right.
Wonderful details to look for in many complete other negligee and under-fashions: hairbrushes and combs, mirrors, curlers, and other "vanity" accessories, scales (they read 110 lb!), huge variety of slippers, shoes with pom poms, books, pillows, lace, tulle, satin, bows, and girly stuff.

Often, lingerie is hard to find in decent condition because of wear in elastic. Additionally, delicate synthetic fabric tends to wear easily, so you may find snags, uneven wear in ribbon straps, missing bows, and so forth. I also notice that synthetics tend to pick up (and hold) odors, such as smoke or musty smells, much more easily than natural fabrics. Keep these points in mind (especially odors, when shopping online) when doing your own shopping.


  1. Hello from Spain: some wonderful photos of the lingerie Barbies. Keep in touch.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love this post!

  3. These dolls are adorable! My daughter is in love with them!


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