Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lil' Fairy Lipu

Lipu by alington
Lipu, a photo by alington on Flickr.
And darn it, the next one in the series, Ewnoe, is sold out already!

She's my first Picco Neemo in this body style--she is 1/12 in size with the D-body (larger hands and head), and I didn't think I'd like her. But her anime features are perfect. She includes extra hand poses, so she can easily hold her broom (and cleaning rag).

Her outfit is removable, and under the apron, she is wearing a cute brown short-sleeved dress (the lace-trimmed sleeves are detached). She includes tights, mary janes, bloomers, and a head piece, too.

See more photos on Flickr. Ack, she's cute!


  1. I have this girl too XD and yes... you must stalk the sites... but don't worry! Azone has said they will be rereleasing at least the first two girls, because demand was higher than they expected!! So you'll have a chance to try for her again!

    (I stalked the page, so I preordered # 2 as well)


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