Sunday, January 12, 2014

Smoldering Seduction

Smoldering Seduction by alington
Smoldering Seduction, a photo by alington on Flickr.
She's always been a grail of mine. Smoldering Seduction Daphne is from the 2006 Effanbee collection and was limited to 250 dolls. Her original retail was $229.99, which was fairly expensive. I believe her higher price point is probably due to her outfit. It's made of silk chiffon fabric, plus an embroidered gold and purple embroidered micro-sequined overlay. She also has a rhinestone trim at the bust, rhinestone jewelry, and gold bow-trimmed sandals.

She uses the a pale bending wrist body body (instead of her usual tan skin tone) and has platinum curls. She has blue forward-glancing eyes, not her usual green. I think she is even prettier than her promotional photos.

You can see additional photos of her on Flickr.

Surprisingly, I was able to find this doll NRFB from Just Imagine Dolls, a Tonner/Effanbee dealer.

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  1. Wow, she is MUCH prettier than her promo pictures - well, that shouldn't be a surprise, given your photographic skill, m'dear!

    I will have to check your Flickr stream, and see if I can play "Spot the kitty" again. I miss seeing your cute, sneaky furbabies trying to hog the camera!


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