Monday, January 6, 2014

New Wizard of Oz dolls from Tonner Doll Company

Check out the latest releases from Tonner Doll - surprise! - They use a new body type for Tonner (it's a 19" Evangeline Ghastly body with new face sculpts, which is made from hard plastic with a vinyl head, including larger hands and even more curves and articulation!). I love the outfits.

Two new dressed dolls are available. Glinda the Good Witch™ has rooted red curls, painted blue eyes with applied lashes, and check out that dress! She includes pink glitter shoes, a resin crown and wand, gauntlets, and lots, and lots, of pink tulle. Limited to 500, she retails for $249.99. She will ship on 1/17/14.

The Wicked Witch of the West also uses the new body, is limited to 500, and ships today, 1/6/14. She retails for $249.99. She uses the light green "wicked" skin tone, has brown painted eyes with applied lashes, and rooted raven hair. Her dress is black taffeta, sequin tulle, and cotton net--it's pretty cool!--and her hat is awesome, too, with chiffon draping.

I'm just noticing that stands are sold separately for $15. This might be because the dolls may be able to stand alone, but I wouldn't count on it.

If you can call them basic, two basic dolls are also available. Absolutely Wicked Witch of the West is available, limited 500, $149.99, no stand included, shipping today. She is a rather fabulous "wicked" skin tone doll with painted blue eyes, applied lashes, and raven hair. Her outfit includes a black taffeta bodysuit with a cotton net overlay, skirt, and black ribbon trim, plus tights, and black sandals. I think she is adorable.

Only a sketch is posted so far of basic Glinda, who is called Absolutely Glinda the Good Witch.  She uses the same cameo skin tone, red curls, and blue eyes as the dressed doll, and is limited to 500 for $149.99. She also appears to be in stock. She wears a pink shantung bodysuit with sheer sleeves, a butterfly decoration on the bodice, and a glitter tulle overlay, and skirt. She also includes pink tights, and pink faux leather shoes.

Castle Stroll outfit is available today for $139.99 and is limited to 200. It's actually a green satin dress with black crinkle chiffon overlay, with a matching bolero. It includes faux leather shoes as well.

Keep in mind that these new girls can wear outfits from Wilde Imagination's Evangeline Ghastly fashions--oh me, oh my!

Photos are property of Tonner Doll Company.


  1. I used to love Tonner dolls, but they increasingly remind me of over-priced children's dolls, especially this range, they are not unlike Monster High, except price wise of course! I wish they would just concentrate on fashion dolls and try to make those fashions a bit more contemporary and not so stuck in the 80's.

    Just my opinion

  2. I think a lot of it must be that Monster High dolls are selling so amazingly well, and they must need to capture a bit of that stylized market. I loved the initial couture feel of Antoinette's debut, and wish she'd come back with an edgier feel, but I wonder if their collector base just isn't interested in this look. Maybe it's just me? ;)

    1. A lot of what they are doing the last few years just seems to be falling between two stools for me, stylistically. Do you know what I mean? There is a lot going on but where is the real spark of originality... I don't understand the reworking of WI's Evangeline Ghastly either. I was not a big fan of the original but at least it was a distinctive looking doll... She just looks bland and homogenised now... sad. I hope they return to form soon.

  3. Stands sold separately seems like it's starting to be pretty much across the board for Tonner. I hope at least they're decent stands.

    1. I can only remember stands being sold separately for their basic dolls--from Tonner, I mean--but I might be a bit behind the game. :) Perhaps many customers prefer other stands (I do, actually), and it might be a cost-saving measure?

    2. I guess you're right about it just being the basic dolls, although I wouldn't be surprised if the trend continues. It may be a cost-saving measure, although it seems to me that the basic dolls have also gone up a lot in price at the same time.

    3. Yes--price increases have been happening incrementally across the board, I find--and not just the basics! :) These girls, too, are the 19" size, which are a bit taller than Tonner's usual size. I see that Evangeline Ghastly basics run $145 (well, originally--currently, the end of edition specials are $116).


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