Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Idyllic Antoinette

Idyllic Antoinette, originally uploaded by alington.

Here she is--she's finally arrived. Of course, it's not the end of summer, as promised by Tonner Doll, which may very well kill my dolly budget, but she may be worth it.

And I must confess, I am a little surprised to see exactly how close Idyllic is to her promotional photo. She is darn close! The only thing I would change about this doll is adding applied eyelashes to her--she doesn't even have painted lashes, though her face-up is very lovely just the same. I dig platinum blondes with smokey eyes and dark lips.

Her gown is meticulously made--incredibly so--and it's super soft and falls exactly where you want it. I just adore it. Even if you're not crazy about Antoinette's sculpt, you may want this doll just for her gown. I have seen it on AvantGuards, and it looks great! (Though again, Tyler cannot share her clothes, since Antoinette is less busty than Tyler, and smaller framed overall.)

Compared to Tyler, Antoinette poses very nicely--not as nicely as a BJD--but all the same, a joy to photograph and very fun to pose. She can touch both her elbows (just about), but not quite touch her face. I love that she can arch her back. And she does not need to swivel her waist. You don't miss that joint at all. When you have the two dolls side by side (I display them so), you notice not Antoinette's delicate neck but her larger hands first. But on her own, they don't seem out of proportion.

All in all, I think this doll is lovely, and she is very fun and well made. I can't wait to see more--and more will be arriving at my house soon. This one will be staying in my collection (almost unfortunately), so we'll see what the quality of the other dolls are like as they arrive, as well.

Check out the rest of her photo shoot on my Mobile Me gallery or my Flickr photostream.

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