Monday, June 15, 2009

La Rondine Adele

La Rondine Adele, originally uploaded by alington.

Paparazzi Bait steps it up a notch, in La Rondine, by Dressmaker Couture. (I also picked this outfit up from My Favourite Doll at a steal!) I was surprised when the outfit came and the chiffon top looked black, but everything else was navy, but I still think it's pretty royal looking outfit. Adele seems pleased.

The outfit consists of a satin bra that hooks in the back (several sizes, to fit different dolls easily). The chiffon blouse opens at the wrists and in the front with hooks and thread loops that are not quite impossible to close. And the fit is perfect. The skirt is two pieces--the satin blue tiered ruffled piece, and a black petticoat for extra volume.

Accessories included are a pair of earrings, a ring, a chiffon scarf or wrap, and a pair of plastic navy slingbacks. Possibly the shoes fit Barbie feet a bit better than FR feet, but we did make them work.

Check out the rest of Adele's photoshoot on Flickr or on Mobile Me. She's feeling so glam--on par with the rest of the royalty ladies today.

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