Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Barbie Furniture

Another photo from my current display, this is Eden from The Heist, partially redressed in a few of Luchia's (from the Bewitching Hour) accessories. I have her posed in my shelving unit, with a new Barbie playline furniture set, which I found used on Ebay for $7 (plus shipping). A few of the silver pegs that hold the legs on the desk and side table are missing (which wasn't disclosed on the auction), and that's a tad annoying.

Eden is pretty hard to photograph in this setting, so I'll have to get some better photos of this set. My camera wants to focus on her dress instead of on her face. The furniture is just really cute and modern. It includes two chairs, a "lamp" (it would be really fun to modify it so it really lights up--I might actually do this at Christmas time), a side table, a desk that slides open, a computer, a magazine, a flower decoration and a box of tissues. I also have Eden posed with a Rement tea set as well--she's a little crabby since she hasn't had her coffee yet.

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