Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Updated shipping schedule at Tonner Doll

New dolls have arrived and the shipping schedule has been updated as of June 8, 2009 at Tonner Doll:
  • The Woman is Certain (Bette Davis) - middle of July
  • Poison Ivy Deluxe - middle of July
  • Dreams of Tomorrow (DeeAnna Denton outfit) - in stock
  • Antoinette: Rouge Shoe Pack - in stock
  • Mineral Shoe Pack - in stock
  • D'Or Shoe Pack - in stock
  • Cosmic Boots - in stock
  • Sandstone Boots - in stock
  • Antoinette Cameo - in stock
  • Antoinette Bloom - middle of June
  • Antoinette Honey - in stock
  • Antoinette Spice - end of June
  • Idyllic - in stock
  • Hypnotic - in stock
  • Symphonic - middle of July
  • Obsessed - end of July
  • Dramatic - middle of July
  • Sensual - middle of July
  • Emphatic - middle of July
  • Enlightened - in stock
  • Optimistic - in stock
  • Serene - middle of July
  • Influential - middle of June
  • Frivolous - middle of June
  • Sinuous - in stock
  • Brilliant - middle of July
  • Posh - middle of July
  • Posh - middle of July
  • Prim - in stock
  • Star Crossed - in stock
  • The Sun - middle of June
  • Supergirl Deluxe - in stock
  • Deluxe Tyler Wentworth Giftset - in stock
The following items are still to be determined:
  • Pretty Piggy Wig
  • Goddess Piggy Wig
  • Miss Piggy Takes Manhattan
  • My Fair Piggy
  • Clark Gable as Rhett Butler
I'm delighted to see that some of the Antoinette items are going to be spread out a bit over June and July. Whew! (All of my pre-orders were scheduled to ship in June originally, and that was going to be painful.) Also, several of the Antoinette dolls and outfits have sold out (to dealers) already, so if you're interested in these dolls, don't delay!


  1. I like this Idylle dress. I hope it will fit my Deva girls!


  2. I think you need it, Cliff!! Let me know if it fits--I can't wait to see photos! :)


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