Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sooki and Rufus

Sooki and Rufus, originally uploaded by alington.

Two new Dynamite Girls are in the house--Sooki and Rufus Blue.

Their hair is fabulous. Sooki has red highlights in her brown hair, and Rufus has black hair under her blue razor-cut style.

The outfits are very well done, as usual. Sooki is wearing a micro t-shirt dress with a belt, faux fur jacket, long fingerless gloves, fishnets and boots. Rufus has an orange jacket over a layered tank, plus a faux zippered skirt, short fingerless gloves, blue fishnets and pink pumps.

Both have great face-ups (and I love Rufus' freckles). I got them on a great sale at My Favourite Doll in Canada (by one of these ladies, get a Wave I or II for free (we're trying to save those Wave I dolls for gifts for friends--let's see how long that lasts).

You can their full photo shoot on Flickr or Mobile Me.

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  1. I have these two dolls myself, Sooki needs to come out of her box now!


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