Thursday, August 6, 2009

DollZone BJDs I'm coveting...

I was surfing the web the other day and came across some lovely DollZone ball-jointed dolls I'd like to add to my collection. I've been wanting to add another SD-sized doll to my collection for a while (as a friend for Sky), but I wasn't sure I wanted to invest in a second Peak's Woods, as lovely as they are. I have two options, now. Here is a list of dolls I found and considered:
  • Morphoa. She's a full-set, and costs as much as nude Peak's Woods doll with a face-up. I'm not wild about her face tattoo, but I do like everything else. And she's got the funky hair color going on--plus she's got a larger head and big eyes, so I think she'd look great next to Sky. She's my top choice from this line.
  • Clovera. Of course, she's the doll who first got my attention, since she's dressed as Alice. I love everything about this doll--but she looks too much like Sky already, only a tad more cheerful. I think I'd want a doll that was a little different. Maybe I'll buy her outfit, though.
  • Violeta. This is an interesting doll. I like her, too--mostly because of her rather, well, crabby (?) expression. But I'm not sure I'd like her mouth in person. But her eyes are gorgeous.
  • Beeta. She's really cute, too. Almost androgynous, she'd be an excellent friend for Sky as well. But I don't care for her outfit, and I think I prefer Morphoa's sculpt (especially her eyes) over Beeta's.
Of course, I've never seen these dolls in person. And these four dolls are quite different than the other more realistic-looking dolls in the DollZone line. I also have to confess I really like the X-3 male doll. He's fabulous with his freckles and teeth. And I love his costume, too. I think he's adorable, and I'm tempted to get him. I'm just not sure I'm ready for a male BJD yet.

I also have to compare these dolls to the Iplehouse dolls. Those are the other dolls on my wish-list. I'm thinking of getting one of those dolls, since they also have sleeping faces. But I really like Morphoa. And she's available at the Doll Market, which has great layaway options, too. So, I'll think about it some more.
Photos courtesy Doll Zone.


  1. Oh, I see you like X-3 too! :3 I'm actually ordering him. He's my first BJD, and I'm quite nervous about this whole deal. I confess I love dolls; my family is taking it pretty hard -- all except my mom. I'm 16 and I realize $5XX is a lot for my age, but this is what I decided to do with my money. ♥ It's nice to see someone besides me thinks X-3 is totally beautiful.

  2. I think you'll love him. What a fantastic first BJD for you! Would love to see photos when you get him! Are you on Den of Angels?

    I've since purchased another DOllZone--an MSD Melin--and she's lovely, too.

  3. Did you see that you can put dolls on layaway pretty easily when you order them from dealers? My favorite places are:

    Boutique Doll for Peak's Woods, Leeke World and lots of amazing outfits. Ms. Cholong is great to deal with!

    The Doll Market for Doll Zone dolls. They offer all the specials, too, and also carry many new dolls in stock. (I bought Morphoa here.)

    Denver Doll for lots of other ABJDs.

    Many dealers will order your doll when you have at least 25% down on your deposit, so it feels like it take less time to get your new baby, too. :)


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