Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wake-Up Goldie, Hucky added to Peak's Woods main line

I'm thrilled to see a former limited edition sculpt Wake-Up Goldie added to the Peak's Woods permanent line. She's an SD-sized doll. Goldie has been in my top-five most gorgeous sculpts for while--she has such a pretty nose, I think--and now, to see her with half-mast eyes makes her even more interesting.

While you're visiting the Peak's Woods website, be sure you check out their newest addition, also: Hucky. He's an adorable new Fairy of Fantasy, just 26 cm (about 10.25 inches) tall. He's got the cutest little face ever. Almost makes me want to get into collecting male dolls, as well!

Now... enough doll posts for the day. I'm off to see the Wizard!

Photos courtesy of Peak's Woods.

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