Friday, August 21, 2009

Plans for my doll display...

My doll display is too crowded. Here's an older photo of it when I first set it up. Now, it's packed with dolls, and I need to decide how to fix it. And I think I have an idea:
I think dedicate this display to my Alice in Wonderland dolls. I will redo each cube into a scene from the book, and make each cube into a miniature diorama. I have enough dolls to do it, I am sure. But I will need some accessories, I think. Here are several ideas I have so far for the eight cubes:
  1. Down the rabbit hole: I'll need dark sides and a back wall, with shelves on the sides (they should have books and jars on them, and a mini jar of orange marmalade). I'd like to display Alice as though she's falling. Maybe a grass floor?
  2. The hall of the doors: Black and white tile floor, with doors on the wall (maybe print these with a perspective), and a tiny door behind a curtain. I need a "glass" table, key, and "drink me" potion and "eat me" cake. I think I want the mini Alice, trying to reach the key.
  3. Alice getting stuck in the White Rabbit's House: I think I'd use my Peak's Woods doll (she's the biggest) to make this scene. She also almost fills up this cube, too. I'd make her posed as though she's growing.
  4. Alice and the Caterpillar: An outdoor scene in the grass (oversize), with the Caterpillar smoking a pipe. I haven't decided if this will be someone dressed as a Caterpillar or a figurine or stuffed animal. And I'd like to make a mushroom.
  5. Alice rocking the pig/baby: Maybe the Duchess should be here, and maybe she should be inside the Duchess's house. I'd like to have the other dolls dressed up as the characters from the book.
  6. Alice and the Cheshire Cat: I'm pretty sure I want the cat to be one of my dolls, sitting in a branch of the tree. Though I don't have any doll who grins like that. But maybe I have a figure who would work.
  7. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party: Not only do I need a Mad Hatter, I also need a March Hare and a Dormouse, table and tea set.
  8. Alice playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts: I'd need a flamingo for the croquet, some playing cards, I bet, and a Queen.
This really sounds like a fun project! I can't wait to get started!

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  1. this sounds like great fun! i'd love to contribute, too - outfits or props, however i can help! it would be good practice for me!


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